• CNC-100

    Principles of Electricity & Electonics

    A Comprehensive, Self-Contained System that Familiarizes Trainees with Electricity & Electronics and their applications

    The entire system is enclosed in a portable and lockable impact-resistant polyethylene case. It consists of an experiment station, a component kit, a visual aids chart, and courseware. All necessary hardware and components are included.
  • Specifications

  • Experiment Station:
    The bottom panel is the experiment workstation. Electrical components are hard-mounted and connected using patch cords and banana jacks to create electrical circuits. The panel is reinforced with a steel box which also protects the components. The station is protected with an internal fuse and circuit breaker, and maximum voltage is limited to 12 VAC and 12 VDC.

    Component Kit :
    The top panel is labeled and silhouetted for loose component identification and inventory. Loose components are supplied to allow students and trainees additional versatility in building circuits. A multimeter and magnets are included. For advanced applications, a breadboard is included. Both panels can easily be removed from the case for table-top use.
Principle of Electricity & Electronics