• CNC-500

    Pneumatics Robotics Module

    Desktop Robotic Training System for Teaching PLC Control, Robotic Technology, and Pneumatic Applications

    Pneumatic Robotics Module is an introductory robotics educational system designed to provide students with an understanding of how pneumatic components work together in a pick-and-place robotic arm application. The student learns how to create, edit, run and monitor robot programs using a programmable logic controller (PLC) using ladder logic computer programming software.
  • Specifications

  • Pneumatic Robot Arm features:
    1. Three axes of motion, four degrees of freedom and a gripper using cylindrical coordinate arm geometry.
    2. Industrial pneumatic gripper with removable fingers for greater flexibility.
    3. Flow control valves for speed control of the base, extension, and elevation motions.
    4. Safe operating pressure of 60 psi (Recommended).
    Handheld Pendant features:
    1. Control box for axes control includes four three-position toggle switches.
    2. Built-in 24 VDC power supply.
    3. Four plug interface harness for connection to the MB505 Valve Pack.
    Programmable Valve Pack features:
    1. Terminal strip and four pneumatic solenoid valves (24 VDC).
    2. Eight-port distribution manifold.
    3. Flow-controlled input port on the manifold and a protective shield over the terminal strip for safety.
    4. Easy electrical interface harness to PLC.
Pneumatics Robotics Module