• Explorer1

    Industrial Pneumatics

    A Comprehensive Maintenance Training System for Industrial Pneumatics

    The Explorer I is one of four building blocks in the advanced Explorer Series of technology systems. The other advanced modules address the principles and applications of industrial hydraulics, electromechanics and programmable logic controllers. They are designed to interface with the Explorer I, and can be brought together using mobile benches available from TII. A major advantage of the TII system over traditional training programs is that each segment can also be operated separately, giving trainees more space and instructors greater flexibility.
  • Specifications

  • The Explorer I is a complete education/training system that covers pneumatic technology in its four areas of instruction: Fundamentals, Applications, Physical Properties and Maintenance. It is constructed of an extruded and welded aluminum "U" channel frame with a formed sheet steel shell. The system is modular in design so that it may be used as a stand-alone table, on a countertop or integrated into a bench configuration with other TII trainers. The panel includes two sections:
    1. The Instrumentation Section of the panel is mounted at eye level for easy reading of gauges. The panel is constructed of 16-gauge chrome plated and brushed steel. All gauges, cylinders and other instruments have been identified in large lettering on the panel. The Instrumentation Section includes a filter/regulator, a lubricator, a system pressure gauge, two in-line pressure testing gauges, a four-port manifold, a manometer, a flowmeter, a 24-volt DC power supply and a momentary switch with output jacks.
    2. The Component Panel is mounted at an angle for ease of use when building circuits. It is constructed of 16-gauge chrome plated and brushed steel and all instruments are clearly identified. The component panel includes: a 5-way, 3-position closed center lever-operated directional control valve; a 5-way, 2-position double-piloted directional control valve; a 3-way, 2-position electric solenoid directional control valve with banana jacks; a 3-way, 2-position manual push-button directional control valve; an air motor (with removable fly wheel and muffler); a single-acting spring return cylinder (4" stroke, ¾" bore); a double-acting cylinder (4" stroke, ¾" bore); a double-acting cylinder (4" stroke, 1-¼" bore); and a regulator. The Work Surface at the bottom of the component panel is used for conducting experiments and building circuits.
Industrial Pneumatics