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    ENKAY ENTERPRISIS is a leading manufacturer of Educational Material Testing Equipments. Since 1959, Enkay Enterprises is fulfilling the demands of Indian Engineering Colleges and Universities for Educational Equipments. Our Material Testing Machines are trusted for their quality and longer life span. Most of the reputed Govt. Universities have our Universal Testing Machines Installed.

    Now, Enkay Enterprises is manufacturing CNC Trainers for educational institutes and engineering colleges. These CNC machines are developed specially for universities and their construction, features and operation is tweaked to give students a better understanding of CNC Trainers. Currently Enkay is providing four CNC Machines in two categories namely CNC Mill Trainer and CNC Lathe Trainer. Apart from CNC Machines. Enkay is also offering other related products.

    These CNC Machines are competitively priced and are sold with one year comprehensive warranty. AMC facility can also be availed for currently installed CNC Machines.

    To know more about our other products, please visit: www.enkaymachine.com

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