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Brushless Motor

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One Shot Lubrication Pump

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Featured CNC Machine

  • EX4

    CNC Lathe Trainer (Table Model)

    Robust CNC Lathe Machine with advanced features and improved speed

    Model EX-4 is an advance Lathe Machine equipped with powerful 500 W brushless motor and one shot lubrication pump facility. With faster x/z moving speed of 2m/min and feeding speed of 500mm/min, this machine is able to save both time and electricity and increases overall efficiency. EX-4 is most accurate CNC Lathe Machine available in the market with position precision of 0.015mm and repeat position precision of 0.01mm.
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Why CNC Machine

CNC Trainers

CNC lathe Machines are turning into replacement for older production lathes, due to faster operation and ease of setup. These ultra-modern lathe machines use carbide tooling and modern processes. After designing the tool in CAD/CAM process and setting the lathe working according to program, machine will continue to turn out parts. These machines require little or occasional supervision of an lathe operator.

CNC Trainers are controlled via a computer with graphical user interface for ease of operation, the software can be modified and displayed at the machine, along with a simulation of the process.

With the availability of cheap computers and free CNC software, its now easy to own and maintain CNC machines.